Hello, my name is Zed "ZeddyBear" and I love men, monsters, and cowboys. I'm a sentient slime mold, god scraped me out of her basement and now I'm here. Site is very much a WIP currently. I work a day job as well as do game dev whenever I can so site progress is what it is, I hope you enjoy regardless!

To Work On Still:
-More images
-More E-shrines
-Better about
-Better game and project pages
-Error page

9/28/22 Site Updated!
♡Created manga reviews page!
♡Our Dreams at Dusk review added!
5/22/22 Site Updated!
♡Created current games page
♡Created 3 game project pages
♡Hidden page added :3c
5/12/22 Site Updated!
♡8:11 shrine started

5/11/22 Site Updated!
♡Entry page added
♡Shrine page added
♡Skim Milk shrine started